Modeling Tips

What are the qualities to become a super model?

Now it depends on what type of modelling are you talking about. runway models, bikini model, body part model……… i consider runway model since it mentions ‘super model’

A Super model is always tall. Matters a lot in india it is 5’6″ minimum for female and 5’11” for male….. though outside its not less that 5’11” for female and 6′ for male (reminder: ‘super model’)

With attitude I mean good attitude at the right place. A Super model needs to show attitude on ramp at the shoot, and sometimes in front of people. Being nice to everyone is very important since its all about referring you by someone you met.(even if you are entitled by any modeling agency)


Yes this is not a qualifying exam. A super Model has lot of contacts. she know its very well that its all based on recommendation … friends in this field are lot important. Meeting right people at Right place ….. thats the mantra..:-)


Now with personality i would like to sum up communication skills, language, appearance, body type, dressing, fashion consciousness bla bla bla everything. everyone know the body type of a super model….:-) so slim they are. A super model know she will be looked upon as a fashion statement herself by everyone around. So she have to be at her best every time… yes with everytime i mean everytime:-)


A super model is comfortable with what ever she has on her .. sometimes even nothing on her. She has to be confidence. What i believe is when you are a model its not about you anymore its about whats on you. And its the models duty to portrait the designer’s or the photographer’s idea the way they want. A super model is always confident and beautiful.

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