Prayagraj Ke Fankaar

Naina | Ishita Soni |

#oblystudio #singingcontest #songrecordingstudioinallahabd प्रयागराज के फनकार | Singing Contest 2019 | नैना | इशिता सोनी | Contestant no 9 OBLY STUDIO PRESENTS Prayagraj Ke Fankaar (“Singing Contest”). The organizer of the competition is OBLY INDIA GROUP. Original Song Credit Song : Naina Movie : Dangal Singer – Arijit Singh Music : Pritam Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya Cover Song Credit Song : Naina Singer: Ishita Soni Produced by Bicky Seth Recording & Mixing : Oblystudio Contestant no 9, ishita soni, Please like the Video, Share and comment, to make him winner. Auditions are still open: __________________________________________________ For more information follow below link. AWARDS: The contest provides participants with the opportunity to be selected as the winners of the following prizes: The 1st Winner will be awarded a Cash Prize of Rs. 11000.00/-. The 2nd Winner will be awarded a Cash Prize of Rs. 5100.00/-. The 3rd Winner will be awarded a Cash Prize of Rs. 2100.00/-. Selected candidates will be offered to work in a music album. There will be several other awards and surprises. Every candidate will be awarded with Certificate of Participation. ———————————————————————————– OBLYSTUDIO production house based in Allahabad, the best recording studio for Audio and Video. Our Facilities —————— Audio Recording Music Production Mixing & Mastering Radio & TV Advertisements Jingles Cover & Original Songs Audio Programs & SFX Foley and sound designing Background Scoring Fully sound proof acoustic, airconditioned room. Professional atmosphere. Other Services: ——————— Video Recording Photoshoot Film Production Promotions & Distribution. For any business inquiry, please contact +91 9651252607. Email : Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #prayagraj_ke_fankar #prayagraj #singing_contest #oblystudio #auditions

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