Prepare Based on the Type of Modeling Interview:

There are many different types of modeling jobs and the expectations from candidates and their looks could be very different in each type of modelling job. Hence it is vital that you understand what kind of model the firm is looking for. The major kinds of models are store models, catalogue models and advertisement models. Here we have listed down the basic expectation about appearance from these models and the best way to prepare for what to say in a modeling interview.

1. Preparation for Store Models:
The different clothing and apparel stores look for models who have a persona and who can impress customers and coax them to buy the outfits. Stores look for models who have a mature look that appeals to the client. The appearance should be impactful yet simple so that the buyers can relate to the store models. If you are applying for the position of a store model, try to carry your natural look. Makeup should be just as required. Pick the outfit of the brands that sell in the store and suits you well. This will give the brand owner an impression that you know about the brand. It is sure to increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Preparation for Catalogue Models:
Each brand has a separate set of specifications for catalogue models. If you are called for an interview of a catalogue model, just go through the requirements for catalogue models for the selected brand or firm. If you understand what they seek in the looks of catalogue models, it would be easy for you to prepare accordingly.
You need to pay special attention to the type of figure they are seeking. You also need to keenly observe the poses and see whether you will be able to handle such poses if required. You may also enquire at the hiring office regarding the specifications of catalogue models.

3. Preparation for Advertisement Models:
Advertisement models need to have more than just looks but looks are surely the most important aspect. In case of advertisement models, they could be lenient with certain aspects of figure depending on the type of advertisement. You need to approach the modeling agencies that are hiring for the advertisement and get a clear idea about the requirements. Apply for the position only if you think you are eligible to model for the advertisement.

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